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Let's Grow Trees

Project Detail

The Ministry of Energy in the last ten years has been supporting afforestation project in the country with the aim of facilitating provision of clean, sustainable, affordable, reliable, and secure energy services for national development while protecting the environment. The overall goal is to restore the catchment forest to original condition using CMNR (Community Managed Natural Regeneration)approaches acceptable by all stakeholders.

MOE implementation of conservation projects through the Kenya Energy and Environmental Social responsibility Programme Fund (KEEP).

The Ministry is supporting the restoration of degraded forest is Enoosupukia Forest that forms parts of the Mau Catchment. The target is to afforest 50 ha of degraded areas through a labour contract with M/S Principles Styles Ltd.

Transportation of seedlings

Site clearing

Planting of seedlings


Community scouts at the nursery

Block B Enoosupikia Forest

Enoosupukia seedlings  nursery

Enoosupukia seedlings  nursery

Enoosupukia seedlings  nursery