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Principles Styles Ltd

Grow brighter future, plant a tree today.

PSL is well established and experienced company first incorporated in Kenya in 1996. The company operates from its offices in Fortis Suites, 5th Floor, Hospital Road, Upper Hill, Nairobi County.

In inception, the company mainly dealt with retail of seedling and general supplies where we gained a substantial Market share despite stiff competition. This gave fast growth to the company and thus increasing its strength and capacity.


As a responsible organization, we are dedicated to promoting sustainable living and preserving the environment for future generations. We have qualified foresters who give technical advice to adjacent communities on handling the seedlings, planting and naturing as they provide labour through CMNR techniques.

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Planting & Growing trees for a greener tomorrow. Dedicated to providing top-notch tree plantation services, while growing trees to make the world better than we found it. We are experts on Tree growing, Re-afforestation, Rehabilitation of forests & Forest Restoration Management.

Principles Styles Ltd

Our Achievement

Last year alone we planted 247,000 trees, In Narok County Enoosupukia forest (Mau Catchment) Last few years over 25,000 communities living adjacent to the forest partnered with PSL to provide labour & seedling supply as well as clearing, staking, pitting, planting, beating up & spot weeding. They benefitted, changed their livelihood, and became self sustainable. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on the planet through sustainable practices.

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Principles Styles Ltd

Our Projects

In Narok County Enoosupukia forest (Mau Catchment) Last few years over  25,000 communities living adjacent to the forest partnered with PSL to provide  labour & seedling supply as well as  clearing, staking, pitting, planting, beating up & spot weeding.  They benefitted, changed their livelihood, and became  self sustainable.

The government of Kenya through the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum has embarked ecosystem restoration projects targeting afforestation of degraded forests

In response to the Country and global efforts towards improved conservation of forestry resources the Ministry of Energy 

Principles Styles Ltd

One tree can make a million memories.

Tree plantation is an important aspect of environmental conservation. It helps in reducing carbon footprint, controlling soil erosion, and improving air quality. Additionally, trees provide habitats for wildlife, and also produce oxygen and shade for humans. Planting trees is a simple yet effective way to contribute to the well-being of our planet. It not only benefits the environment but also has a positive impact on our mental and physical health.

Principles Styles Ltd

How We Work

We undertake tree planting projects, plantations and reforestation for set up timelines. Period varies depending on financiers choice from two to five years. We plant according to KFS set guidelines taking care of the terrain to avoid soil erosion. Labour is provided by local communities living adjacent  to the forest.

Project Deal

Principles Styles Ltd guides you on how to adopt a forest from Kenya Forest Service or County Community land. The projects take Three to Four Years and then it is handled back when it is a fully grown forest with canopy. Contact us to visit our previous sites in Meru County, Mau Catchment and Narok County for bench marking tours


PSL is committed to eliminate drought & floods the main climate hazards for most communities in Kenya. This will be achieved by tree planting which is among the solutions to stop climate change.

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We start Nurseries and make a forest from Seeds. Tree planting is our business -Partner with us and lets grow trees together!

Principles Styles Ltd

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Lets grow trees with Principles Styles Ltd –  Experts in tree planting.

Principles Styles Ltd

Our Team Skills

We are professionals in tree planting, Afforestation and Forest Rehabilitation through community mobilization using CMNR model.


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