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Nyambene Hills Kiaiga Block Financed By Ministry Of Energy

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Project Detail

In response to the Country and global efforts towards improved conservation of forestry resources the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum in partnership with Kenya Forest Service and other stakeholders has been supporting afforestation project in the country in the last six years. This initiative focuses rehabilitation of degraded areas particularly in forest ecosystems that have water catchment function. The Ministry aims is to facilitate provisioning of clean, sustainable, affordable, reliable, and secure energy services for national development while protecting the environment. The overall goal is to restore the catchment forest to its original condition using an approach that is environmental friendly and acceptable to the adjacent community and other stakeholders.

Support to afforestation of Keiga Forest Block of Nyambene Forest station commenced in 2014 when the ministry awarded a tender to re-afforest the forest to Principles Styles Ltd. The afforestation contract covers area of 41.9ha of degraded areas.

Nyambene Hills Success story 98% servival rate – Meru County

 Community workers planting

Nyambene Hills Success story 98% servival rate – Meru County

Stakeholders on site visit